3 years ago , I has been a Vietnamese teacher for an international school at district 1. They were almost the foreigners who came from many countries on the world. Some of them have known a little bit of Vietnamese, anothers haven’t. My responsibilites is introduce them my mother language and also the cultures and traditions of my country. That was really an interesting job.

Besides that, I was also an English teacher for a group of around 10 students at home. They were from 5 to 15 years old and be sent to my class for improving their English.

Day after day, now I am not a teacher anymore, I have another job in an aviation company that make me use English frequently but that is the business english, the english from many nationalities that make me confused with the chaotic grammar. I miss the time with my students and be scare of one day I will forget all knowledge that I learnt from school about pedagogical methods. That is the reason of having Learning English column in my page. Here you can find out the lesson of vocabulary, grammar, listening via the classical songs, images, games. The lessons for children is almost easy to understand in the colorful presentations.

Hope that it’s useful for you.